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Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)

What is Orthognathic Surgery?
Orthognathic surgery is a combined orthodontic and surgical treatment approach to the correction of dental and jaw abnormalities.


Why is Orthognathic Surgery Necessary?
The upper and lower jaws are bases upon which teeth are aligned. Braces correct dental abnormalities like crooked teeth and poor bites (malocclusion). However, disharmonies of jaw size or position can only be corrected surgically.


What are the Possible Causes of Jaw Abnormalities?
There are many causes of jaw discrepancies. They may be inherited or acquired from developmental or traumatic causes. Jaw discrepancies may affect not only your facial appearance but also your bite, speech and chewing.


What Problems are Best Dealt with Orthognathic Surgery?
Common problems that can be dealt with are:

  • A protruded or retruded chin
  • Excessive show of gums (i.e. Gummy smiles)
  • Overall elongation of face
  • Facial asymmetry

Improving your face and bite by surgery and braces.